Choosing one thing or the other is boring.

So let’s mix it up. In a cocktail of contrasts. And a fusion of flavors.
Where the old meets the new. Or the night meets the day.

Welcome to a place blended not built. Out of cool city rhythms.
And warm ocean tides. That buzzes and hums. As life ebbs and flows.

Welcome to harmony. To the best of both worlds.
Where style matches substance. And happiness grows.

Welcome to the world of Beach House 8.



By Valerio Morabito

“Firstly, thank you so much for taking an interest in Beach House 8, a remarkable luxury development unlike anywhere else in Miami. As a resident of Miami this project is particularly close to my heart. Having enjoyed so much of what this city has to offer, with Beach House 8 we really wanted to give something back, and make a lasting addition to the place I’m proud to call home. For me, Miami is a truly cosmopolitan city. Modern, playful and utterly unique, this development was an attempt to embody all of these qualities that make Miami so special, and so wonderful to live in. While this site will tell you all about the building and our journey, it is also a testament to the vision, passion and commitment of everybody who helped us to create such a special luxury location on Miami Beach.

Best Wishes,